Dementia care at home

We can provide personalised dementia care at home services to support those with the condition to continue living in their own homes

Over 800,000 people in the UK have a form of dementia, and 1 in 3 people over the age of 65 will have the condition. Almost everybody will know of someone with dementia.

It's important that the right support and care is available for those who have dementia, and for those who are living with or caring for a loved one with dementia.

Through our reliable dementia care service, we support people with dementia to continue living at home safely. We also support their families through what is a tough time. Our staff are trained to deal with the challenging behaviours that may come with dementia progression with care, compassion and professionalism.

How we can help

Our community support workers receive specialist training for dementia care and dementia awareness, they understand how the condition affects the individual, their family, and those around them.

With our person centred approach, we ensure that we don't just meet the needs of the individual we support but also the whole family.

We can help people to live well with dementia by helping with things like:

  • meaningful activities in the day
  • getting out and about in the community
  • practical help at home
  • carer's respite services so that those caring for a loved one with dementia can take a break
  • emotional support for the whole family

What other dementia care services are available?

Here at Ashford Community Care we can support those affected by dementia, we do this by providing practical and emotional support. We can also help with meaningful activities and outings.

There are also many local organisations offering specialist activities to help support and boost an individuals self-esteem. 

Singing for the brain is provided by the Alzheimer's Society and offers singing to people with dementia in a warm and stimulating surrounding. They are located throughout the UK and usually take place in churches and village halls. 

Memory Cafes offer advice and support from trained volunteers. It is a chance to exhange experiences and support with others who have dementia. It is a great opportunity to meet to new people.

Dementia Adventure provide short holidays and day trips throughout the UK specifically designed for those with dementia, it is a great way to spend quality time with your carer or a loved one. 

Find out how we can help you today...

If you would like a chat, or more information about our dementia care services you can contact us to discuss your requirements at a time that suits you.